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Altitude Sickness


Apex Altitude
A charity that exists to perform high altitude medical research and educate the public about the topic

Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society
Site of a group of medical scientists studying the effects of altitude and the causes and management of acute mountain sickness.

High Altitude Medicine
About the book by Herb Hultgren, M.D., including ordering information.

High-Altitude Medical Guide
Information on the prevention, recognition, and treatment of altitude illness, as well as other health issues affecting travelers to destinations at altitude.

HypoMed Global Services
Information on Hypoytherapy/Hypoxytraining. About the annual international 'Hypoxia in Medicine' conference.

Information about the International Hypoxia Symposium including abstracts.

International Society for Mountain Medicine
Altitude tutorial. Newsletter archive. About the World Congress on Mountain Medicine and High Altitude Physiology.

Medex and Medical Expeditions
Information about and from this research charity dedicated to investigating the mechanisms of altitude related illness. Newsletter archive and planned e


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