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American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

Asia and Oceania Thyroid Association
Offers articles, lists future meetings, related links and contact information.

Association of Thyroid Surgeons
provides information to patients and doctors on thyroid disease diagnosis and nerve monitoring technology during surgery.

British Thyroid Association
professional body for clinicians and scientists who specialise in the thyroid and its diseases.

British Thyroid Foundation
A patient-led charitable organisation dedicated to helping those with thyroid disorders.

National Graves' Disease Foundation
Educational organization open exclusively to people with Graves' disease, their families, friends and health care professionals.

The American Thyroid Association
Physicians and scientists dedicated to research and treatment of thyroid diseases.

The Endocrine Society
Endocrinology organization for professional development and practice.

The New York Thyroid Foundation
Provides health education to thyroid patients and health professionals as well as to increase public awareness.

The Thyroid Foundation of America
The TFA has provided information and support to thyroid patients since 1986.

Thyroid Australia
Provides personal support, counselling, information and training. Aims to raise awareness and interest in thyroid conditions.

Thyroid Federation International
Network of organizations dedicated to global action on thyroid related problems.

Thyroid Foundation of America, Inc.
designed to provide information to patients and their families.

Thyroid Foundation of Canada
goals are to promote awareness and education about thyroid disease and raise funds for thy


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