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Small reusable device that helps alleviate sleeping disorders.

Dale Miller, Inc.
offers Chin-up, strips that aid in the relief of snoring and other sleep disorders.

Offering an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Nose Caps

provides a reuseable device designed to increase nasal airflow which serves as an aid to exercise and the cessation of snoring.

Put an End to Snoring
An objective resource features an exclusive questionnaire that will suggest remedies appropriate for your type. Includes a list of remedies and details about each.

Restore Medical Sleep Disorder Solutions
develops and markets minimally invasive devices designed to treat sleep and breathing disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea.

Silent Partner ASD
sells an anti-snoring dental appliance to help remedy snoring.

Snore Net
masks, accessories, books, CPAP and light therapy systems, and snoring and respiratory aids.

device that shapes the mouth to help prevent snoring.

provides facts about snoring, a sleepiness test, anti-snore devices, and medical advice.

Snorgon Products
offers a collar to help prevent snoring.

Snoring Relief Labs
makers of SnorBan, a custom-fit, non-intrusive mouthpiece for snoring relief.


Somni Snore Guard

Stop The Snoring
offers articles by Dr. Michael Siegle on solutions to a number head and neck problems, including snoring, adnoiditis, and apnea.

Sue, Steven K. DDS, MS
offers the Nose Breathe Mouthpiece, a custom-fitted device that encourages the snorer and others to breat


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