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Canadian SARS Research Network
Research from a scientific team of infectious disease clinicians, epidemiologists, immunologists, and virologists.

SARS 2003 Hong Kong
Autopsy and cytological findings, with pictures of pertinent specimens, assembled by a group of doctors and pathologists in Hong Kong. Intended to assist other clinicians in diagnosis.

SARS Attacks!
Organized news and information links, current SARS statistics, pictures and forum.

SARS Block
offers a kit containing thermometers, hand sanitizers, masks, and other products for the prevention of SARS.

SARS Education
General information, travel information and recomendations for those in close contact.

SARS Message Board
Areas covered includes news, treatment, research and travel.

SARS Newswire
News articles categorised by subject and country.

SARS Reference
Online textbook reviewing available medical information. (July 14, 2003)

SARS Watch
Weblog featuring news, analysis, and resources.

General information and guidelines for travellers. [English, German and French.]

Presents alternative opinion that the disease is merely a social experiment.

the sars art project
SARS related


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