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Nutrition Disorders
Cholesterol and Fats
Vitamins and Minerals


Amyloidosis Support Network
Provide complete, integrated, easy-to-reach support and information to existing information and referrals for other sources of help.

Demographic and Health Surveys
Information as to who they are, about the survey and research and publications. For informed decisions on population, health and nutrition.

International Union of Nutritional Sciences
Exchange of scientific information in the nutritional sciences. A place to reach out for food and nutrition information.

James William Lazzaro Foundation
Details about this non-profit organization that promotes awareness, detection, treatment and prevention of genetic metabolism disorders.

Lipoma Forum
A community devoted to sharing information, providing resources and offering support to those who suffer from lipomas, Dercum's, MSL or any related illnesses.

Most, the Usaid Micronutrient Program
Assists the U.S. Agency for International Development in implementing expanded, more effective programs and policies to prevent and control micronutrient deficiencies, especially vitamin A deficiency.

The Association For Glycogen Storage Disease
The Association for Glycogen Storage Disease is a parent and patient oriented support group.

The Children's Fund for Glycogen Storage Disease Research
This not-for-profit foundation has been established to benefit children born with Glycogen Storage Disease, Type 1a (GSD1a.) Our goal is to help find a cure for this disease.

Water Retention and the Waterfall Diet
The author of the Waterfall Diet writes about water retention, including list of symptoms, information on diuretic medications, causes of water retention, a


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