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Traumatic Brain Injury


Brain Injury Biomechanics
The starting point for understanding of the TBI pathophysiology. The stereotactical phenomena - supported by previously reported results.

Brain Injury Research Center
A database of research and educational materials designed for people with TBI, their families, and professionals.

Brain Injury Resource Center
Offers information, reference materials, and self-help resources.

A medical, legal, and informational resource for persons dealing with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Coma Waiting Page
Information about coma and brain injury directed at helping with answers and support in those critical first days and weeks, while waiting for someone to awake from a coma.

Margot Anderson Brain Restoration Foundation
Advancing clinical research for the restoration and rehabilitation of brain function after brain injury, spinal cord damage, stroke, paralysis, Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.

Perspectives Network On-Line
Brain injury resources including detailed links, multiple language FAQS, diagrams and tools, on-line newsletter and article archives.

Survivor Acceptance
Providing support, resources, and inspiration for survivors of brain or other traumatic injuries, disabilities or illnesses.

TBI Chat
Pictures, stories, poem gallery, discussion boards, question of the week, TBI and ABI resources, and chatrooms.

Resource of regional and national information about living and working with traumatic brain injury (TBI) for TBI survivors, their families, and their support providers.

TBI Resource Guide
Information on brain injury, rehabilitation, long-term assisted living, medications, and current research, from the Centre for Neuro Skills.

The Brain Injury Information Network
Providers of several listserv and email support groups on brain injuries and related conditions for survivors and caregivers.

The Brain Injury Recovery Network
Dedicated to helping victims and families of brain and other serious injuries.

The TBI Help Desk for Caregivers
Information and resources to increase the quality of care available to Brain Injured patients after departure from the Hospital.

Traumatic Brain Injury
Medical and informational resource for individuals dealing with traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems
The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research funded 17 centers to examine the course of recovery and outcomes following TBI.

Traumatic Brain Injury National Data Center
Coordinating research and dissemination efforts of the TBI Model Systems program funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).

Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center
Provides easily accessible information and support for survivors, their loved ones, and the professionals who work on their behalf.

Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide
Information, for survivors and their families, provided on the honor system from Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Glen Johnson.

A resource for education, advocacy, research and support for brain injury survivors, their families, and medical and rehab


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