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Bad Breath and Halitosis Advice and Product Information Partner Listing
For anyone looking to stop Bad Breath this site has everything you will need including a free copy of Dr. Katz\'s Bad Breath Bible a 10.00 dollar Value.

American Breath Specialists Partner Listing
Bad breath affects 60 million people! Our specialist can treat and cure this social disease.

Breath Appeal
offers a two minute daily home treatment to eliminate bad breath.

play the slots game, take the OraBlast breath test, find out about dental gum and other products.

Center For Breath Treatment
Treats patients at their center as well as offering a cost-effective breath treatment kit.

Offers information about causes and treatments for halitosis and bad breath, articles, a quiz, and a range of products.

ProFresh International Corp.
Makers of the ProFresh BreathCare System which helps eliminate ba


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