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Cardiovascular Disorders
Heart Disease
Vascular Disorders


Advanced Perfusion Care
Provides perfusion management services including personnel, hardware, disposables, and support services.

AstraZeneca Cardiovascular
Offering cardiovascular information for healthcare professionals. Includes discussions on obesity, thrombosis, diabetes, arrhythmias, AstraZeneca products, and more.

Blood Recovery Systems
Offers a full autotransfusion service, autologous platelet gel, and part-time autotransfusion coverage.

Cardiology Research
Using WinCE Mobile channel technology to provide physicians with knowledge prompts and guidelines to help them make the correct decisions for patients.

Charles Franc & Associates, Inc.
National cardiology and CV surgery business consulting to hospitals, health systems, and physicians for program assessment, expansion and strategic planning, market and organizational development.

Colorado Heart Imaging
Performs coronary artery scanning with Ultrafast CT, the noninvasive test that can identify coronary artery disease/atherosclerosis in its early stages.

Corazon Consulting
Provides services to health care providers for cardiovascular program development, by combing clinical and business expertise in strategic business planning, program development, and implementation for cardiac and vascular service lines.

Management of cardiovascular disease, treatment of peripheral vascular and obstructive diseases, and neurovascular management of stroke.

Complete cardiac product range.

Provides information about dangerously fast heart rhythms that can cause Sudden Cardiac Arrest and death with suggestions for prevention and treatment and physician referrals.

Heart CT Profile
Scan of the heart that detects and measures the amount of calcium build-up in coronary arteries.

Resources for the loved ones of heart patients. Tips, hints and videos.

John Goodman & Associates, Inc.
Cardiology business consulting firm.

MedCath, Inc.
Provides cardiovascular services through the development, operation and management of heart hospitals and other specialized care facilities, including mobile cardiac catheterization and angiography labs.

Micro Medical Systems, Inc.
Provides client based solutions for the integration and management of diverse patient data.

MIV Therapeutics Inc.
Manufacturers of laser-cut coronary stents and developers of biocompatible coatings and drug delivery technologies.

National Cardiac Monitoring Center
Offers full time and off-hours monitoring for a range of cardiac monitors and triage for patients with cardiac events monitors.

Raytel Medical
Gathers, organizes, and delivers patient care information to improve the management


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