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Clinical Trials


Cancer Center of Irvine
offers patient services and conducts clinical trials.

Cancer Treatment Studies
information about clinical trials, what they are, and how to find one.

Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups
group of national cancer cooperative groups engaged in clinical cancer trials.

EmergingMed.com, Inc.
clinical trials matching and referral service for cancer patients.

HERA Trial
provides information for researchers and patients on the HERA (HERceptin® Adjuvant) Trial, a clinical trial for breast cancer.

Iowa Oncology Research Association
research studies involving chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cancer surgery, and immunotherapy.

Ireland Cancer Center
nationally designated Comprehensive Cancer Center offering clinical trials for all cancer types.

Kansas City Clinical Oncology Program
supporting cancer clinical research trials.

North American Fareston Versus Tamoxifen Adjuvant Trial for Breast Cancer (NAFTA)
information on the study, eligib


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