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Anxiety and Phobia Peer Support Network
includes a message board, newsletter articles, and links.

I Hate Butterflies
Community for people that fear butterflies and moths (Mottephobia or Lepidopterophobia).

International Paruresis Association
Avoidant paruresis is a psychological condition that prevents people from urinating, usually in public facilities, but sometimes even at home when others are present-even when the other person is in portions of the home distant from the bathroom.

National Phobics Society
UK organisation formed by a sufferer of agoraphobia for those affected by anxiety disorders. Contains detailed information about a range of phobias, a chatroom and noticeboard.

Sponsored by Ametop Gel, a topical anaesthetic from Smith and Nephew provides information on Needlephobia, the fear of needles, and outlines potential solutions.

Dedicated to exploring fear and phobia, aiming to celebrate the fears we love, and to expel those that plague our lives.

Phobia Fear Release
Various phobias and their treatment methods.

Phobia List
provides an extensive list of fears.

Phobias Cured
Information about how to receive neuro-linguistic programming to possibly help those suffering from phobias.

The web site for individuals afflicted with the phobia of storms and severe weather. Offers a mailing list.



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