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Internet and Medline search engine focusing on allergy resources and information.

All Allergy Net
Provides information on symptoms, medication, and treatment.

Allergen Response Research Center
Designed to provide an atmosphere with uniform concentrations of naturally occurring allergens for periods up to 12 hours.

Contains information on allergenic molecules causing allergic diseases like asthma, rhinitis, urticaria, anaphylaxis.

Allergy Advice
Information about dust, pollen, and pet allergies including hayfever treatment. From Benadryl.

Allergy Alert
Information about allergies, their causes and types, treatments available and protection.

Allergy Associates Research
Conducts FDA-approved studies to evaluate medications for the treatment of asthma and nasal allergies in children and adults.

Allergy Escape
Contains detailed information about various allergies and how to manage them.

Allergy Help
Provides information and advice concerning the symptoms, testing, and treatment of children's food and environmental allergies.

Allergy Newswire
Provides archive of articles on allergies and a free monthly newsletter with the latest allergy, hay fever, and pollen information.

Allergy Now
A portal designed with the allergy community in mind. Numerous links to information.

Allergy Nursing
An allergy nurse answers questions and provides patient-education material from a nursing perspective, and offers a discussion group for allied health or technicians in this field.

Allergy Web
Offers information for patients and professionals.

Provides information about allergies and how to reduce allergens like pollen, mold, and dust mites.

Allergy nurse answers questions and provides information for patients and professionals.

Allerpet, Inc.
Allergy information for people who are allergic to dust mites and household pets.

Altruis Biomedical Network
Consumer health care web site for general information on allergy drugs and therapies, anti-inflammatory, NSAIDs and corticosteroids.

Asthma Clinical Research Network: ACRN
A multi-center group designed to conduct multiple studies of asthma.

Chronic Allergies
A practical resource for sufferers of seasonal allergies, hay fever or allergic rhinitis.

Offers information about asthma and allergies, prevention, treatment, and more.

Dust Mite Allergy Information Pages
Information about dust mite allergy and associated problems, with links to health professionals.

Designed to provide both physicians and consumers with information concerning identification of causal agents of allergy-like symptoms associated with recurrent upper respiratory disease, allergies, and atopic components related to common childhood conditions.

Narial Nasal Cups
Offers a device to promote upper respiratory health by removing airborne pollutants, allergens, and excess mucous.

Online Allergy Center
Devotes itself to discovering the cause of allergy and allergy related disorders.

Parents of Allergic Children: PAC
Offers support and information on how to get help and for yourself and your children with allergies.

Rapp Wellness News
Help for children with allergies from Dr. Doris Rapp.

A comprehensive allergy information site. Browse anonymously or sign up for a personalized report with information specific to your needs.

The Allergy Report
Published by the American Academy of Allergy,


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