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Treatment and Therapies
Clinical Trials


AIDS Treatment Information Service (ATIS)
Provides information about federally approved treatment guidelines for HIV and AIDS.

Critical Path AIDS Project
AIDS treatment information from the point of view of persons with AIDS (PWAs) and AIDS treatment activists.

Forum for Collaborative HIV Research
Forum for Collaborative HIV Research develops strategies to address unanswered questions about optimal treatment of HIV disease.

HIV Drug Interactions
Laboratory and clinical findings relating to potential drug interactions between medications used to treat HIV infection. Universtity of Liverpool maintains this site.

HIV Medication Guide
The comprehensive guide includes patient education, medication schedules, and drug interaction information.

Medical International Consulting Agency, Inc
Provides information on the development, research, and clinical trials of MM-1, a proposed treatment for HIV/AIDS.

NATAP (National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project)
Reports on the latest HIV drug treatments, therapies, and conferences.

Neurology Complications of HIV and AIDS; Care and Research
Treatment of AIDS/HIV problems such as neuropathy, memory disturbance, dementia, headache, pain, shingles, Bell's Palsy, myopathy, spinal cord disease and gait disorders.

An online resource for phenotypic drug resistance testing and the PhenoSense? HIV drug resistance assay.

Physicians' Research Network
Provides HIV/AIDS treatment information, tools and support to HIV/AIDS health care providers.

Target HIV Fusion
Official site about Fuzeon, the first in a new class of anti-HIV drugs known as fusion inhibitors.

Texas AIDS Health Fraud Information Network
TAHFIN works to expose questionable and dangerous HIV treatments that can cause ha


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