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ADD and ADHD Information

What is ADD?

Attention Deficit Disorder is commonly known as ADD. This acronym is used throughout the medical community to refer to Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity. Symptoms of ADD can be different from person to person. Some may struggle with hyperactivity, while others may have more of a problem with impulsiveness or inattention.

The major symptoms of ADD include:

Impulsiveness – Impulsiveness is reacting rather than acting. Those with problems with impulsiveness may blurt out answers, even when inappropriate, make quick decisions without considering the consequences and find themselves spending money they don't have.

Some examples of impulsiveness include:

  • Speaking out of turn or interrupting during conversations
  • Blurting out answers or opinions, even when inappropriate
  • Overextending themselves by impulsively offering help or assistance
  • Impulsive shopping or buying items when you can't afford them
  • Making quick decisions without considering the consequences
  • Not stopping to check details
  • Not considering alternatives

Inattention – Inattention is the inability to focus on one subject for any length of time. Those with inattention problems may find themselves going back and forth from lack of focus to hyperfocus. Some experts indicate that it is not the inability to pay attention but the inability to filter out unwanted stimulus and therefore people with ADD may constantly be paying attention to many different things at one time, rather than concentrating on a single thing.

Hyperactivity – Hyperactivity is the inability to sit still. Those with hyperactivity are restless and constantly in motion. They may tap their pencil, fidget or get up and walk around.



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