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ADD Warehouse
Online catalog of books, videos, training tools, games, and assessment products on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, ADHD) and related problems for parents, educators, health professionals, children and adults.

ADHD: A Path to Success
Book offers drug and diet free treatment for ADHD and learning/behavior disabilities.

Amen Clinic for Behavioral Medicine
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) specialists. Offers interactive ADD tests, resources, and more.

Checkmate Plus
Publishes assessment instruments designed to screen for DSM-IV emotional and behavioral disorders including AD/HD.

Books, audio and video tapes, and workshop info for parents and teachers of ADD/ADHD children (and adults). Formerly ADD Plus.

Goldstein, Sam PhD
Speaker and authority on child development provides books and videos online.

Natural Therapies for Attention Deficit Disorder
A workshop in audiotape format on natural and alternative therapies for attention deficit disorder.

Play Attention
Biofeeback-enabled, educational video games to help children increase attention.

Retrain the Brain
Handwriting training program as an alternative to Ritalin for treating children with learning disabilities.

Success Oriented Achievement Realized
Adventure programs for LD and ADD preteens, teens and adults.

Teens with ADHD
Offers articles, books, and videos for teens and families.


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