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Outlines the symptoms, testa/diagnosis, causes and risk factors and treatment of this diseases
All about Agoraphobia - Anxiety, Dyspnea, Stress, all are symptoms of treatable depression
Down Syndrome
Learn about this genetic disorder, the causes and medical treatment
Cancer survivors take more psych meds than other people
By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - People who live through a bout with cancer are more likely to use medication for anxiety and depression than those without a history of malignancies, a U.S. study suggests. About 19 percent of adult cancer survivors take drugs for depression, anxiety, or both, compared to roughly 10 percent of other adults, the study found. “Survivors can have uncertainty about the future, worries about recurrence, altered self-image, concerns about relationships, financial hardships, unwanted physical changes, or new physical impairments,” said lead study author Nikki Hawkins, a behavioral scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

Pollution particles damage blood vessels, may lead to heart disease
By Kathryn Doyle (Reuters Health) - Tiny pollution particles produced by vehicle engines and industry are known to worsen heart disease and raise the risk of stroke, but a new study suggests they might also be planting the seeds for cardiovascular disease early on. In healthy young adults with no signs of heart disease, researchers found that exposure to fine pollution particles known as PM 2.5 led to inflammation-causing changes in immune cells and a rise in debris in the bloodstream representing dead endothelial cells, the type that line blood vessel walls. Fine particles in the air from industrial pollution and traffic have been tied to heart events, like stroke, before, but most focus has been on older people, said Dr. Joel Kaufman of the University of Washington School of Public Health in Seattle, who was not part of the new study.

UN refusal to recognize role in Haiti cholera a 'debacle': expert
<p><a href="http://news.yahoo.com/un-refusal-recognize-role-haiti-cholera-debacle-expert-182933180.html"><img src="http://l.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/OASBJTtj0lhkpPVSnUf1zA--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3NfbGVnbztmaT1maWxsO2g9ODY7cT03NTt3PTEzMA--/http://media.zenfs.com/en_us/News/afp.com/dafbd641094623f506420221a6054328e9da5e44.jpg" width="130" height="86" alt="A patient with cholera symptoms arrives in a hospital of field of Samaritan&#039;s Purse to receive medical attention in Randelle, Haiti" align="left" title="A patient with cholera symptoms arrives in a hospital of field of Samaritan&#039;s Purse to receive medical attention in Randelle, Haiti" border="0" /></a>The United Nations&#039; refusal to admit full responsibility for the years-long cholera epidemic that has claimed more than 9,000 lives in Haiti is a debacle that it has a duty to correct, a UN expert said Tuesday. The world body admits that it is morally bound to help Haiti deal with the deadly outbreak, which is blamed on UN peacekeepers who were sent to the Caribbean country after the 2010 earthquake. Alston said the world body must set up a procedure to settle claims by the families of thousands of victims killed by cholera.</p><br clear="all"/>

Exclusive: WHO cancer agency asked experts to withhold weedkiller documents
<p><a href="http://news.yahoo.com/exclusive-cancer-agency-asked-experts-withhold-weedkiller-documents-170436491.html"><img src="http://l2.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/6PmM8_a37.GL2W7zfxXqOQ--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3NfbGVnbztmaT1maWxsO2g9ODY7cT03NTt3PTEzMA--/http://media.zenfs.com/en_us/News/Reuters/2016-10-25T225003Z_2_LYNXNPEC9O1BL_RTROPTP_2_HEALTH-CANCER-IARC.JPG" width="130" height="86" alt="File photo of Monsanto&#039;s Roundup weedkiller atomizers displayed for sale at a garden shop at Bonneuil-Sur-Marne near Paris" align="left" title="File photo of Monsanto&#039;s Roundup weedkiller atomizers displayed for sale at a garden shop at Bonneuil-Sur-Marne near Paris" border="0" /></a>In a letter and an email seen by Reuters, officials from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) cautioned scientists who worked on a review in 2015 of the weedkiller glyphosate against releasing requested material. The review, published in March 2015, concluded glyphosate is &quot;probably carcinogenic,&quot; putting IARC at odds with regulators around the world. Critics say they want the documents to find out more about how IARC reached its conclusion.</p><br clear="all"/>

U.N. legal stance on Haiti cholera likely pushed by U.S.: expert
By Michelle Nichols UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United Nations likely refused to accept legal responsibility for a cholera outbreak in Haiti that has killed thousands in the past six years because it was a position pressed by the United States, an independent U.N. investigator said on Tuesday. Haiti was free of cholera until 2010, when U.N. peacekeepers dumped infected sewage into a river.

Merck wins early U.S. approval for Keytruda in untreated lung cancer
Merck & Co has won U.S. approval to market its immunotherapy Keytruda for use in previously untreated lung cancer patients two months ahead of schedule, making it the only such drug cleared for first-line treatment. The green light from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), announced by the U.S. drugmaker late on Monday, confirms Merck's leading position in the hot area of medicines that fight tumors by harnessing the body's immune system. Keytruda's latest approval is for treating first-line metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in patients with high-levels of a protein called PD-L1, which makes them more receptive to immunotherapy.

U.N. wants $200 million to pay Haiti's cholera victims, communities
By Michelle Nichols UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United Nations hopes it can raise $200 million for payments to families of more than 9,300 cholera victims in Haiti and to communities worst-affected by the outbreak of the disease, which has been blamed on Nepali U.N. peacekeepers. Half could be spent on communities, with the remaining $100 million paid to families of victims, U.N. special advisor David Nabarro told reporters.

Changes in depression symptoms tied to lung cancer survival
<p><a href="http://news.yahoo.com/changes-depression-symptoms-tied-lung-cancer-survival-210930685.html"><img src="http://l.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/1F4dMsG5GQvwbtQYzx1p_w--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3NfbGVnbztmaT1maWxsO2g9ODY7cT03NTt3PTEzMA--/http://media.zenfs.com/en_us/News/Reuters/2016-10-12T151219Z_1_LYNXNPEC9B17Q_RTROPTP_2_CHINA-HEALTH-CIGARETTES.JPG" width="130" height="86" alt="A man smokes a cigarette as he sits in a hutong, Chinese for small alley, in central Beijing" align="left" title="A man smokes a cigarette as he sits in a hutong, Chinese for small alley, in central Beijing" border="0" /></a>(In paragraph 6, clarifies that 14 percent of 745 people not depressed at baseline, 105 people, became depressed.) By Kathryn Doyle (Reuters Health) - Worsening depression symptoms are associated with shorter survival for lung cancer patients, particularly those in the early stages of disease, according to a new U.S. study. Conversely, when depression symptoms lift, survival tends to improve, researchers found. “Surprisingly, depression remission was associated with a mortality benefit as they had the same mortality as never-depressed patients,” said lead author Donald R. Sullivan of Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.</p><br clear="all"/>

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